‘Here and Now’ – A Philosophy to Live By

I entered a bar in Mae Hong Son the other night and found myself philosophizing with two French men. They had just come out from a ten day stay at the Tam Wua Forest Monastery, where they learned about the ins and outs of Buddhism and meditation. The most important lesson, they reiterated, was an idea of living in the ‘here’ and in the ‘now’. It is an idea that places importance and value in the present and in the current. It seeks to forget the past, be in harmony with the future, and nullify desires. This, they asserted, was the key to happiness.

2 thoughts on “‘Here and Now’ – A Philosophy to Live By

    • I must admit that I am a novice to the ideas and philosophies of Buddhism and thus cannot comment on this fully. I too struggle with the concept of ‘here and now’ and at being in harmony with the future – especially as my desires, aspirations, and ambitions often require a less than harmonious mental state. Perhaps what would best explain this concept – and this is nothing but a conjecture – would be the idea of karma. Karma decides ones fate or future, based on ones previous actions. Thus, one can focus on the present, whilst being cognisant of the future, but not allow the worries of the future to overwhelm the present?

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