Dokhita – The Beginning

8am on a Friday morning, and I find myself sitting in front of a half finished cemented building in the small compound of ‘Dokhita’. With barely a few wooden huts and semi-finished office buildings, Dokhita is not a common place one would find themselves in. It’s uninhabited, rustic, overgrown, and surrounded by fields of garlic.

A series of events have brought me here, the most significant of which is my desire to jump start a career in development. Development however, is quite a touchy subject, and the deeper I delve into the topic, the more I am finding that it is not quite what I envisioned the field to be. Being young, idealistic, and prioritising aspects of life with immediate gratification, I once found living in a foreign country exhilarating. The language is different, the food is interesting, the people are curious, and an aura of novelty, distinction, and to some degree arrogance surrounds the experience.

But as time continues to tick, and ideas of family and stability creep into my thoughts, I begin to question my desire to be in this field. The conditions are less than comfortable, the pay is low, and the subject matter is difficult. Much more, it’s become a trendy field, with more and more people, old, new, experienced and impassioned joining the field and upping the competition.

How one gets their foot in the door these days is beyond me. Which is why I am here, volunteering, working for free, and trying my hardest to rationalise a decision to delve deeper into self-imposed poverty in a rather uncomfortable atmosphere when comfort and stability awaits in the Western world.

Friends have always told me that novelty is my game. Perhaps this is the easiest answer that I can give for now.


One thought on “Dokhita – The Beginning

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